We are 90 this year! Ideas for our celebration? Best idea wins a suit!

Fine Tailoring

Since 1928

90 Years of Beautifully Cut Suits using Super 110’s and Super 120’s Double Twist Worsted Pure New Wool


We are a vertical company. Our weaving mill has some of the most technologically advanced weaving apparatus in the world. All of our suits use Super 110’s and Super 120’s Double Twist Worsted Pure New Wool.

What does 2-ply 110 or 120 mean?

The numbers describing fabric refer to:

1. Yarn count – that’s the ply part, such as singles or twists  A single is one fibre or thread. Two-ply is two fibres twisted together. Using two or more fibres make the thread or yarn stronger and more durable.

Twist is a term that applies to the number of turns and the direction that two yarns are turned during the manufacturing process. The yarn twist brings the fibers close together and makes them compact. It helps the fibers adhere to one another, increasing yarn strength.

The direction and amount of yarn twist helps determine appearance, performance, and durability of both yarns and the subsequent fabric or textile product. Single yarns may be twisted to the right (S twist) or to the left (Z twist). Generally worsted yarns are S-twist’

The other number gives you the fabric grade. Super 100’s, 120’s, etc refer to the length in centimetres that one woollen yarn can be stretched. It’s a measurement of fineness. Also measured in microns. A micron is one-millionth of a meter, or one micrometre, which is approximately 1/25,000 of an inch.

Longer yarn results in a more luxurious, finer handle


Modern high-tech machines spin wool finer than it’s ever been spun before! The super number or S number was set up as shorthand for describing the fineness of wool  fibres.  The S-system (aka Worsted Count System) began in the 18th century. Finished yarn was coiled in 560-yard long loops called hanks. The S number indicated how many hanks could be made from a pound of wool.

Now the S- number refers to the fineness of the wool as measured in microns or one-millionth of a metre.

The high S fabrics are more difficult to tailor. Our Tailors say the wool is much more difficult to sew since the material shifts so easily when it is sewn. Ultimately it is the look and tailoring of the fabric that matter most and this is what we pride ourselves in.

About Us

Founded in 1928, James Barry began as a small tailoring and alterations business in the centre of Nottingham. It was founded by the grandparents of the current incumbent. Heritage and Authenticity. Something that no marketing budget can buy.

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Currently, we are in search of our next photo shoot location. While we do a lot in the studio, we try to get outdoors and into the English weather!

Our Aim

At James Barry, we endeavor to create the finest menswear pieces, featuring suits, jackets, trousers and accessories.

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